WillMade Liturgical Furnishings
We Design, Build, Repair and Restore
 Processional Crosses, Altars, Ambos, Candle bases, Stations of the Cross, Statuary

Classic, Romanesque, Gothic

 Repair and Historical Restoration of

Processional Crosses, Altars, Tabernacles, Celebrants Chairs, Bishop Throne, Statuary,  Pews,  Altar Rails

All Ornamental and Carved Woodwork  

Side Altar Old St Mary's
Side Altar Old St Mary's Detroit, Michigan

Contemporary,   Modern

Design, Build, Install Altars, Ambos,

Celebrants Chairs, Processional Crosses

Tabernacles, Ambrys, Candle Bases 

Designed for the needs of the community

Built by Craftsmen to last For Generations

Processional Cross
Processional Cross St Dennis Royal Oak MI